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Soft Faux Fur

Machine Washable

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Hair and spills on your couch is frustrating. What can you do about it?

You love your pet but don’t love the fur, mess or spills that can ruin your couch or bed.

So, what can you do about it? Bed sheets look dreadful and won’t protect from liquids and accidents. Regular old couch covers look dated, slip off and aren’t comfortable for you or your pup.

That’s where we come in. Our Calming Couch Protector Bed is completely waterproof and protects your space from spills, hair and grime while providing a calming and comfortable place for your pup. It’s a two in one bed and protector!


How does our couch protector calm your pup?

The generously filled outer pillow and raised lets your dog nestle in to feel safe and comfortable, and the soft fur material mimics the mother’s touch.

This calming combination creates a sense of security, and relaxes the nervous system resulting in a pup that’s relaxed, comfortable and sleeps soundly.  

And a happy pup means a happy, stress-free owner.


How is our couch protector different from the rest?

Completely waterproof: Our Calming Furniture Protector is equipped with a completely waterproof liner so you place it on any surface or material, while you stay stress-free knowing you’re protected from pup accidents.

Incredibly comfortable: The soft faux-fur is reminiscent of a mother’s fur coat. It helps to calm your dog and is like sleeping on a cloud.

Stylish: Unlike bed sheets or dated furniture protectors. Our Calming Furniture Couch has been created with light or dark colours to blend into any area.


Is the couch protector easy to clean?

Of course! We designed our cover to be completely removable and machine washable. Just throw it in the washing machine to remove hair, stains and muck and keep your couch fresh.

If that wasn’t enough, the couch has been developed with an odour-neutralising enzyme that absorbs pet odours and protects any area from pesky (and embarrassing) pet smells.


Non-slip bottom & tough design

Our Calming Furniture Couch Protector was created with a non-slip bottom. It will even stay put on a leather couch! For overactive pups, the fur outer was created to be tear and bite resistant.

Perfect for pups, kids & cats:

Originally designed for dogs, customers with young children and cats have loved our Calming Furniture Couch for its ability to protect from spills and accidents.


Calming Couch Protector In Action


How Does Neck Hero Compare?

Neck Cloud neck cloud

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Easy to set up and use


How Does The Couch Protector Compare?

Calming Couch Protector
neck cloud

Other "Solutions"

Machine Washable

Protects Furniture From Spills & Stains

Exquisite design that blends to your home decor

Calming & Anti Anxiety Properties

Comfortable & Durable For Everyday Use

Money Back Guarantee


Are we crazy?

No. We just have a great product.

To show you how confident we are in our Calming Furniture Couch, we're offering a 60 day trial on all purchases. Picked the wrong size? Your fur baby doesn't like it? Just email support@misterwoofs.com for a full refund.

All purchases come with a 12 month warranty. With washing, care & top-ups your Calming Furniture Couch will last for years.



What size should i get for my dog?

Take a look at our handy size guide so you can get the perfect size for your pup.

Is pet fur easy to get out of the couch protector?

Yes! You can easily remove pet fur from our Couch Protector. Better yet, you can get our Pet Fur Remover which makes removing pet fur a breeze.

I have a leather couch, won’t this slip off?

The Calming Couch Protector is designed with non-slip bottom that securely lock in place on any surfaces.

I picked the wrong size, how do i return my couch protector?

Get in contact with our friendly customer support team and they will be more than happy to help. You can reach them here: support@misterwoofs.com

Is there a warranty period for this product?

Yes, of course! The warranty period is 30 nights. If you have any problem with The Calming Couch Protector within this period, please contact us as soon as possible.

Is the couch protector machine washable?

Of course! The Calming Couch Protector is completely removable and machine washable. Just throw it in the washing machine to remove hair, stains and mucks.

I have an overactive pup, is the couch protector bed chewproof?

Our Calming Couch Protector is made with premium soft faux-fur that is tear and bite resistant. Specially made for any types of dogs or cats.